Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mick, Pete And Ruth

By Patrick Hurley
To paraphrase Smokey Bear, Congressman Peter King is not your ordinary politician. Senator McCain, a maverick? Yeah, right! Mr. King is the ultimate of that species. No poll-driven politician is he. Mr. King has always called it from the gut... Read more...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember Skibbereen

‘The Great Irish Famine: Remember Skibbereen’ is a 55-minute documentary by award-winning production company Harvest Films which tells the story of the Great Famine in Skibbereen and, in the broader context, in Ireland generally.

Concentrating on the human aspect of this defining period of Irish history, it includes interviews with Dr Larry Geary of UCC, Professor Joe Lee, Professor Mark McGowan and Gary White Deer as well as local historians Fr. Patrick Hickey, Philip O’Regan and Gerald O’Brien.

Also included on the DVD is the 120-minute special feature of the events of the National Famine Commemoration Week, the first held outside Dublin, which Skibbereen town hosted. This features highlights of the week of Famine-related events; music, drama, talks and walks by local and international participants. The Canadian Famine Commemoration held at Grosse Ile Quarantine Station is also included.

Retails at €20 (Euros): available from Skibbereen Heritage Centre on or 028 40900

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Must Read from the Cavan man

Talking Points
The Cap-and-Trade Corruption
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
By Bill O'Reilly

I'm going to keep this simple. There is a big con going on, and it is outrageous.
Tuesday night's "Memo" is using some information developed by Rolling Stone magazine, which did a good job on this cap-and-trade deceit.
Cap-and-trade, it's easy. The feds tell heavy industry what they can spew into the air. If a company goes over the emission amount, they must buy so-called carbon offsets from another company. So the companies that keep emissions low make money, and the companies that spew lots of gunk make less money. Of course, the gunk companies will pass their higher costs on to us, but hey, no program is perfect, right?
Now, less gunk in the air is good. A cleaner planet means better health for all of us. But already, India, China, Mexico and other countries have told President Obama they will not limit emissions. They don't really care about global warming. So even if we cap-and-trade all day long, the Earth will continue to be dirty.
But that's not the con. Here it comes. Some big corporations will make billions off this cap-and-trade deal. Let's take one vivid example.
Goldman Sachs is a goliath investment company that pays very little tax. In fact, last year in the teeth of the recession, Goldman made more than $2 billion in profit and, according to the Associated Press, paid its CEO Lloyd Blankfein about $43 million. Let me repeat: Old Lloyd made $43 million bucks in 2008. But Goldman Sachs paid zero in federal income tax. Let me repeat: Goldman made $2 billion and paid nothing in federal tax.
A quick aside: President Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes on high-earning Americans to pay for health care. But Goldman-Sachs gets a pass.
Back to cap-and-trade. Goldman owns a 10 percent stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange, where the cap-and-trade deals will be made. On each deal a commission will be paid. Goldman Sachs stands to vacuum up money. Did I mention the company pays very little tax?
Also, Goldman employees gave President Obama's campaign close to $1 million. Did I mention that?
Ready for more? Guess who has also invested heavily in cap-and-trade? Hello, Al Gore. He's started a company named Generation Investment Management, which will also profit big time if the cap-and-trade deal becomes law. Since Al Gore launched his global warming crusade, his net worth has increased 5,000 percent to more than $100 million, according to Investors Business Daily. As they say on Wall Street, Mr. Gore is hot. Pardon the pun.
So let's recap. Global warming is bad, but cap-and-trade will not affect it much because China and India will continue to pollute. Big corporations like Goldman Sachs and big guys like Al Gore could make many millions of dollars off cap-and-trade, while the regular folks will pay more for just about everything.
That definitely sounds like change — change Mr. Gore and Goldman Sachs can believe in.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Go Sarah!

The decision by the Republican governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to step down was greeted by the political left and its minions in the press and broadcast industry with howls of joy. The traditional Independence Day displays of fireworks were eclipsed by the weekend announcement... Read more...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Message from Pete King

Dear Friend:

Over the 4th of July weekend, I taped a video to let people know how I feel about the amount of media coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. I felt it was time to say enough. There are many people who are sacrificing their lives and donating their time to help others and we should take time to remember those people and not Michael Jackson. Below is a link to my website where you can watch the video and see the media response to it.

I took my stand against the obscene media coverage given to Michael Jackson because I strongly believe that our nation deserved more than being subjected to round-the-clock, shameless pandering to the memory of someone whose bizarre lifestyle included - by his own admission - sleeping with young boys and serial drug abuse. Stripping away all the psychobabble, no responsible parent or grandparent would allow young children anywhere near Michael Jackson.
The response I have received has been overwhelmingly positive and gratifying. Literally tens of thousands of rank-and-file Americans have thanked me for saying publicly what they strongly believed privately.

At the same time, however, I received bitter, vicious and obscene phone calls and emails from Michael Jackson fanatics. Also, a pro-Michael Jackson Democratic web site has been set up to raise campaign funds against me for speaking the truth.

I assure you that I will not back down and I will not be intimidated. To successfully keep up the fight for the values we share, however, I will need campaign funds to fight off the liberal special interests. I am asking for your financial support to overcome the organized opposition to me.

Any financial contribution you can make to my campaign effort will be greatly appreciated and can be made on-line by clicking here ( I want to send a strong message to potential opponents that they are in for the fight of their lives.

Thank you for standing with me.


Pete King

P.S. You can also make your contribution through the mail by sending it to Pete King For Congress Committee, PO Box 1428 , Seaford , NY 11783

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Peter King Right or Wrong?

Is Peter King Right or Wrong?
New York Congressman Peter King says Michael Jackson was a "pervert" and calls on society to stop "glorifying" the late entertainer in a YouTube video.

A New York congressman says Michael Jackson was a "pervert" and calls on society to stop "glorifying" the late entertainer in a YouTube video. Rep. Peter King said Jackson - whom he called a "low-life" - is being glorified in the days after his death while society ignores the efforts, of teachers, police officers, firefighters and veterans.

In the two-minute video, King claims the "day in and day out" coverage of Jackson's death is "too politically correct."
"Let's knock out the psychobabble," King said in the
video taped outside an American Legion Hall on New York's Long Island. "He was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country? I just think we're too politically correct." For more on this story, click here.

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Is Peter King Right or Wrong?
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ireland's holocaust? Some context, please!

Ireland's Holocaust? Some Context, Please!

By Patrick Hurley

Following the publication of the Ryan Report, the Dublin 4 intelligentsia and chattering class have embarked on a frenzied irrational campaign to crucify the religious orders which administered the Irish State sanctioned system of industrial schools and orphanages. Due process be damned!

The Christian Brothers and Sisters of Mercy and other orders should be disestablished forthwith and their assets confiscated by the state. Priests, brothers and nuns, even if they had no personal complicity in the outrages, must be ostracized and expelled into an internal exile.

Rabid irrationalism from the intelligentsia on this issue is very much the norm rather than the exception. In typical overreaction, Sunday Independent columnist Emer O'Kelly denounced members of religious orders as "greedy, bloodsucking, cruel, dishonest, unprincipled, immoral men and women." Settle lady. Settle! Pardon us for thinking that the Fourth Estate should leaven the public discourse with objective intellectual discernment.

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